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This is NOT your ordinary cake. This zoetrope cake spins!

This is NOT your ordinary cake. This zoetrope cake spins!
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It’s official! Cake decor has been taken from tasting delicious and beautiful eye candy to the next level.

I have seen a Disney cake with lights on top of the frosting, but THIS.. I can’t stop watching!

Alexandre Dubosc has created one of these spinning cakes called the zoetrope cake. He has fine tuned this art with this masterpiece shown below.

These type of cakes use animation that has been around before filming came about.  Basically as it spins it is like a flip book.

This famous zeotrope cake maker Dubosc has made several of these cakes with some of them inspired from Tim Burton.

When you watch the video you will see fire sizzling, popcorn popping, with a pac-man twist and more!

This is simply a piece of artwork! Wouldn’t you love to make one of your own!?

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