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11 Year Old Home-Schooled Filmmaker is Youngest Person Forbes Has Interviewed

11 Year Old Home-Schooled Filmmaker is Youngest Person Forbes Has Interviewed

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Zuriel Oduwale is one amazing 11 year old! This young journalist interviews national leaders and persons of interest. This great journalism has earned her recognizable awards which in turn has gained attention from Forbes Magazine.

She goes to tell them that she is just like any other kid her age that enjoys video games and hanging out with her family. She enjoys going to the mall with her mom, and riding her bike with the local kids.

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She explains how she is home schooled, so that allows her to get caught up on school work all fast. She likes to go to new places with her after school groups and interviewing people. One of her after school groups is Dream Up, Speak Up, Stand Up program. This program allows her to teach girls her age to follow their dreams and that they can do it now. She likes to stay busy to be the role model for these girls., and she feels like that is very important. She said that she knew what she wanted to do at the age of nine., and her goal being to share with others that Africa is not that bad. She wants to share with others that Africa is a positive place.

She has been asked why doesn’t she want to be the president of Africa, and she says, “I feel if I am president of an African country, I might be able to affect one or two other countries, but if I am president of the United States, not only would I be able to affect the United States, but most countries in the world…”




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