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Christian Mom Won’t Let Son Learn About Islam Is Criticized

Christian Mom Won’t Let Son Learn About Islam Is Criticized

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Tara Cali is a christian mom that really believes that no other religion should be taught to her son even for educational purposes. She was furious when she saw her son’s homework, and wrote a note to the teacher explaining that her son was not going to be taught about a different religion and if they have a problem with it to take it up with her attorney.
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The seventh grader was given the task to write about the five pillars which comprise of charitable giving, prayer, fasting, faith and holy pilgrimage. On the paper given it included a bar code to hear the call to prayer. at the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey on YouTube.

Ms Cali decided this needed to be shared on Facebook. She posted the picture above and to her surprise she didn’t have support from her friends. One lady named Eryn said that she is a Christian and feels like she took it too far. She goes on to explain that it is a part of history.

Melanie Sisco said she did an assignment like this years ago and really enjoyed learning about people she knew little about. Sisco said that she felt like this was not handled in a mature manner.

Her friend Rachel German says that they are using the Qur’an as literature for analysis, not to try to get her son converted.

“The only thing being ‘forced’ upon your kid is ignorance and intolerance by YOU, the parent, because apparently Christianity is the only belief system a young human being should be allowed be educated on,” Carson Ramirez wrote. “All you are doing is breeding another member of society with an irrational fear of people who aren’t Christian, and therefore embedding the future workings of hatred into your child’s brain.”

Another friend asked “Why should we support ignorance?”

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Watch the call to prayer at the Blue Mosque, as posted to YouTube, here:

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  1. Amy

    The public school will indoctrinate the youth in regards to believing all religions are equal, yet with a bias against Christianity. I know this because I taught in the public school system for 12 years. This kind of stuff is not going away any time soon. Keep your children home and home school them. Make sacrifices. It is better than sending your child to be indoctrinated by a system that wars against the God of the Bible.

  2. Cambridge

    i don’t know know from who is this blog, but thanks for sharing this.
    Keep writing <3

  3. Danny Thomas

    If this was a “religious studies” course and they were teaching the beliefs of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism etc… than I would say fine, let them do the assignment. But we know that’s not the case. There have been cases where kids have had their Bibles actually taken from them by the teachers, so there really is a double standard here. I don’t believe ANY religion should be TAUGHT in public schools. I certainly wouldn’t want to depend on my child learning about Christ from a public school teacher. There are plenty of other basic subjects that that time could be spent teaching, or teaching better. However, that’s not to say that children should be restricted from voluntarily participating in whatever religious practices they want to, such as praying and reading their Bibles, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the lessons being taught. For instance before school starts, during lunch or recess.


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